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What is a raw edge rogged V-belt ?

A raw edge rogged V-belt is a transmission belt used in many mechanical systems to transmit power. It consists of a flexible band of synthetic material, usually rubber, with notches on its inner surface. It has a trapezoidal, V-shaped cross-section. The notches of the notched V-belt engage in the corresponding grooves of the pulleys, creating a positive, precise connection between belt and pulley. This ensures efficient, silent and precise power transmission and slip-free movement.

Toothed V-belts are designed to withstand high loads, making them suitable for applications requiring robust power transmission. They also offer excellent grip, and are commonly used in fields such as automotive, machine tools, industrial equipment, household appliances and other applications where precise, efficient power transmission is required.

What are the different types of raw edge rogged V-belts?

There are many toothed V-belts. They should not be confused with timing belts, also known as synchronous belts, which do not have the characteristic trapezoidal shape. The following is a non-exhaustive list of toothed V-belts:

Classic" notched raw edge rogged V-belts

  • AX: AX notched V-belts have a cross-section 13 mm wide by 8 mm high.
  • BX: BX notched V-belts have a cross-section 17 mm wide by 11 mm high.
  • CX: CX V-belts are 22 mm wide by 14 mm high.
  • XPZ: XPZ V-belts have a cross-section of 9.7 mm wide by 8 mm high.
  • XPA: XPA toothed V-belt, 12.7 mm wide by 10 mm high.
  • XPB: XPB toothed V-belt with a cross-section 16.3 mm wide by 13 mm high.
  • XPC: XPC V-belt with a cross-section 22 mm wide by 18 mm high.
  • 3VX: 9 mm wide by 8 mm high.
  • 5VX: 15 mm wide by 13 mm high.

Automotive raw edge rogged V-belts :

  • AVX10: AVX10 notched V-belts have a cross-section of 10 mm wide by 8 mm high.
    AVX13: AVX13 V-belts are 13 mm wide by 8 mm high.

Toothed V-belts are available in different cross-sections and lengths, so you can choose the right belt for your needs.

How to choose your raw edge rogged V-belt?

For reliable, precise power transmission performance, toothed V-belts are the ideal choice. Whether in the automotive field, machine tools or industrial equipment, these products offer high strength, exceptional grip and proven durability. When selecting a V-belt, it's important to know the part number and/or dimensions. If the product is not too damaged, the part number will be visible directly on it. If not, you'll need to determine the desired cross-section (height x width) and length.

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