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What is a wiper seal?

A wiper seal is a seal that is used for linear applications, including hydraulic cylinders. This seal is characterized by one or two wiper lips. The function of its lips is to prevent pollution/intrusion of contaminants and impurities into the hydraulic system. This product also maintains a seal. In fact, it ensures the sealing with the piston rod in static and dynamic movement.

What are the different types of wiper seals?

There is a large number of wiper seal profiles. In fact, you can have these products with metal reinforcement or without, with one or two wiper lips.

The profiles with metal reinforcement are rigid while the profiles completely made of rubber are flexible. The most used materials for this product are the following:

  • NBR : also called NITRILE, this material is mainly used to be in contact with oils and hydrocarbons from -40°C to +110°C. This model is also compatible with water and chemicals.
  • FPM : it can also be in contact with oils and hydrocarbons. It is proposed more for a need in high temperature since it can support from -20 °C to +200 °C.
  • PU : also called polyurethane, it is used to withstand pressure up to ≃ 350 bar. This material has a higher hardness than NBR.

How to choose a wiper seal?

In order to identify the ideal wiper seal, it is necessary to take its dimensions. Indeed, the reference for the seals is not universal. In order to determine the adequate reference at 123Bearing, it is necessary to measure the internal diameter, the external diameter and the thickness of the product.

After the dimensions, you will have to choose the desired profile. We advise you to choose the same as the original one. On the site, you have diagrams of the different references to visualize the proposed joints.

Find your wiper seal on the 123Bearing website

At 123Bearing, we accompany you in the search and the choice of your wiper seal according to your needs and your applications. Indeed, we put at your disposal a customer service available and listening to you in order to offer you quality products at the best price. We also put at your disposal a consequent stock of seals of all types in order to meet your requirements. If you wish, we invite you to follow us on social networks and to subscribe to our newsletter in order to visualize the returns of our customers.