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What is a thrust roller bearing?

A roller thrust bearing consists mainly of rollers and is so called because of its composition. These products can only withstand axial loads or high shock loads. Roller thrust bearings, like thrust ball bearings, usually consist of separable components such as: the shaft washer, housing washer and roller cage.

What are the advantages of a thrust roller bearing?

Roller thrust bearings are advantageous because they can withstand high loads or shocks. The ends of the rollers are slightly recessed, which allows them to support high loads without causing damage to the raceways. These products can also be used up to at least 120 °C.

How to choose a thrust roller bearing?

When selecting a roller bearing, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the bearing, its profile and the material of the roller cage.

Regarding the dimensions of the stop, it is necessary to know its inner diameter, outer diameter and thickness. You can take these dimensions with an analogue or digital caliper. If you are in doubt about the measurements, we advise you to take them directly on the assembly. To do this, you only need to take the outside diameter of your shaft, the inside diameter of your bore and the available thickness.

There are several options for the profile of the stop. Roller bearings can be open or closed. Open roller bearings have a shaft washer, a housing washer and a roller cage. Closed roller bearings also have two washers and a roller cage. The special feature is that one of the two washers covers the whole.

The material of the roller cages can be steel or polyamide. The suffixes "TN" or "TV" indicate that it is made of polyamide, otherwise it is made of steel.

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