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What is a cylindrical roller bearing?

Like the ball bearing, the cylindrical roller bearing is a mechanical part that allows one part to rotate relative to another along a defined axis of rotation. However, this type of bearing has rollers, not balls. The rollers allow for greater radial loads to be supported. The surface area is larger than that of balls, so these products have more contact points to support the load. These bearings can also support high speeds and are often used in industrial machinery.

What are the different types of roller bearings?

There are several types of roller bearings, each designed for specific requirements and applications. This range of bearings can be single or double row and with or without rings (inner or outer). For roller bearings without rings, the raceway will be machined directly onto the shaft or into the housing. It is important to be aware that these bearings can support lower speeds than those with rings.

The most commonly used roller bearings are the following:

NU : roller bearings with a reference number starting with NU are bearings with an outer ring integral with the raceway and an inner ring without a shoulder (this ring is separate and can be removed in both directions)

N : roller bearing models with a reference starting with N have an inner ring with two integral shoulders. This inner ring is integral with the roller track. The outer ring has no shoulders and can therefore be separated.

NJ : references beginning with NJ are bearings whose outer ring is integral with the roller track and whose inner ring has a shoulder on one side. The shaft will therefore be axially fixed in one direction.

NUP : bearings have an outer ring with two integral shoulders integral with the raceway and an inner ring with one integral shoulder and another free non-integral shoulder (washer).

The different types of bearings mentioned above can also be offered in different materials. The inner and outer rings are mainly always made of steel, but the cage holding the rollers is usually made of steel or polyamide (reinforced plastic).

How to choose a roller bearing?

In order to identify the product you need, it is recommended to disassemble the part in order to read its reference. If the bearing is too damaged and the reference is not readable, you can take its dimensions. Indeed, the inside diameter, the outside diameter and the thickness of the bearing will be necessary. We recommend that you take these measurements with a precise tool, the caliper. If you have difficulties in identifying the bearing with these elements, we invite you to contact our customer service so that they can help you.

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