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What is a needle bearing?

A needle bearing is a type of bearing that uses needles to support the load. They can be made from a variety of materials. This type of bearing is usually made of steel with a cage that holds the steel needles but it can also be made of polyamide. These bearings can only support radial loads but not axial loads. Only specific bearings, called combination bearings, can support both types of loads.

Needle roller bearings are used in many applications, including automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. This product is often used in devices with high-speed rotations such as engines, turbines, and machine tool spindles, where friction reduction is essential.

Why choose a needle bearing?

Each bearing has its characteristics. It is important to take these into account when selecting a bearing to ensure that it is suitable for your application. Needle bearings are smaller and lighter than other types of bearings, making them ideal for applications where space is limited.

What are the different types of needle bearings?

There are different brands of bearings including IKO, KOYO, SKF, and INA.

There are mainly needle roller bearings with edges and without edges. These bearings all have an outer ring with a needle roller cage. However, they can be mounted with or without an inner ring.

Needle roller bearings with ribs have an outer ring and an integral needle roller and cage assembly. They are ideally suited for very high loads and constructions with small radial dimensions. If the shaft is hardened and ground, needle roller bearings without an inner ring are the solution. If the raceway cannot be formed on the shaft, needle roller bearings with an inner ring are suitable. Needle roller bearings without an inner ring can be separated, so that the needle roller cage, outer ring, and inner ring can be mounted separately. Needle roller bearings without inner rings are used if the shaft is hardened and ground.

How to measure a needle bearing?

Today, there are several tools you can use to measure a needle bearing. However, the most accurate tool, which is the one we recommend, is the caliper. It can measure the inside diameter, the outside diameter, and the thickness of the bearing.

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