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What is a PAP bush?

A PAP bush is a bushing that consists primarily of a steel, porous bronze and PTFE framework. It is used to allow oscillation, rotation and sliding on a bearing. It is also used to absorb and transfer radial forces. These products are mainly mounted on vehicles, agricultural machines, textile machines, printing machines, etc.

The advantages of using this type of ring are:

  • its ease of assembly
  • its high load capacity (140 N/mm²)
  • its service temperature (from -195°C to +280°C)
  • its chemical resistance
  • its impermeability to water and oil

What are the different types of PAP bushes?

There is a multitude of plain bushings that meet the standards in force. In this range, you will find mainly the "PAP" type plain bushings but you should know that we also have a page for flanged bush.

For the PAP type plain bushings, they have a longitudinal slot to facilitate assembly. You can distinguish two categories of materials. The first material category is P1. This type of bushing is used for dry applications where lubrication and maintenance are not required. The second material category is P2. This one is for applications requiring low maintenance lubrication.

Within these two categories, the most common materials are:

  • P10 : It is one of the most widely used materials. As mentioned above, it does not require maintenance and can be used dry. It can also be used in contact with liquid lubricant. However, it is not advisable to use grease with this type of material. It is also important to know that it contains lead. It cannot be used in the food industry.
  • P11 : This material has the same characteristics announced above for the P10. The main difference is that it is antimagnetic.
  • P14 : This material has the same characteristics as P10. However, it cannot be used in water and does not contain lead.
  • P20 : This material is used in applications requiring liquid or grease lubrication with low maintenance. The rings in this category therefore have a lubrication hole and an inner diameter with a honeycombed surface. This material contains lead and therefore cannot be in contact with food.

How to choose a PAP bush ?

In order to choose the product you need, it is necessary to take its dimensions. Indeed, you need to know its inner diameter, its outer diameter and its length. It is also important to know in which environment the ring will be mounted and what the constraints will be. For example, if you know that your ring will be in contact with foodstuffs, you should focus your search on P14 material. If you find the dimensions you need on our site, but the material you want is not available, please contact us so that we can ask our manufacturers.

Find your PAP bush on 123Bearing

The 123Bearing website offers a large selection of quality accessories, including plain bushings, to meet your needs and constraints. You can search by filtering the different essential criteria in order to find what corresponds to both your budget and the requirements of your assembly! We offer fast delivery times thanks to our considerable stock. If you have a problem and need specific information to place your order, our customer service will be happy to help you. Our customers can reach us by e-mail or by phone from Monday to Friday.