What is a roller chain?

A roller chain is a flexible power transmission element which can be used between two parallel and distant shafts. It is made up of links, made of high-strength steel, connected to each other to form a continuous chain. The chain links have built-in rollers that ride on the teeth of the sprocket, allowing power transmission. The roller chains work is used in difficult operating conditions to transmit high powers at high speeds. You generally find these parts in the fields of logistics and conveying, agricultural machinery, mechanical engineering, packaging machines, medical technology but also in the food, electronics and materials industries.

What are the advantages of using a standard roller chains?

Roller chains are advantageous because they allow a precise gear ratio, without slipping. They are known to have a good chain life (around 15,000 hours) and high efficiency (up to 98%). The assembly of these products is simple and their maintenance is easy. They can be used in difficult operating conditions and can drive several shafts simultaneously. However, compared to a belt, not lube free chains, not lightweight chain and make more noise when used. You should also know that they do not absorb shock like belts.

What are the different types of roller chains?

Roller chains are available in simplex, duplex or triplex steel versions. The simplex version has one row of rollers, the duplex version has two rows of rollers and the triplex version has three rows of rollers. These items are manufactured under two standards which are:

  • The ISO standard, European standard, commonly used in Europe.
  • The ASA standard, American standard, commonly installed on American equipment or old European agricultural equipment.

How to choose your roller chain?

When you notice excessive elongation of your chain or wear on the rollers, it is often time to change it. Noise, vibration and failure to engage are signs of a worn chain. You will then need to identify the channel you need. To do this, you will need:

  • Measure the pitch between each roller
  • Measure the roller width
  • Determine the material of the chain: steel or stainless steel for corrosion resistant roller chains
  • Determine string type (single, double, or triple)
  • The length

Please note that we only offer a 5M box for the chains and that each box includes a quick release/connecting link. We also advise you to take additional quick releases in your order.

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