What is a rod ends?

Rod ends are mechanical parts that allow the transmission of static and dynamic stresses as well as rotational and multidirectional oscillation movements. It is a product that is ready to be mounted and is intended to compensate for misalignment. The dimensions of the spherical plain bearings are standardized and meet the same standards as those of the bearings.

What are the different types of rod ends?

Today, there are many different types of rod ends. The four main types are as follows:

Radial rod ends

Radial spherical plain bearings are designed to accept radial loads that are dependent on one direction. These products consist of an inner ring with a spherical outside diameter and an outer ring with a curved bore. The outer ring is fixed and accommodates the inner ring, which can be rotated. This type of rod ends is available in several series with different technical characteristics. They can be made of different materials, can be sealed or not and can accept different temperature ranges.

Axial rod ends

Axial spherical plain bearings are designed to absorb mainly unidirectional axial loads. These items can also, if necessary, support combined loads (axial + radial). This spherical plain bearing consists of two parts. These two parts are the housing washer and the shaft washer. The housing washer has a concave bore to accommodate the shaft washer which is crowned.

Angular contact rod ends

Angular contact spherical plain bearings can support combined loads but also axial loads in one direction only, if mounted alone. These products consist of a shaft locating washer with a crowned outside diameter and a housing locating washer with a curved bore. As the name suggests, this type of bearing has an angled sliding surface.

Rod ends

The rod ends have the particularity of having several distinct profiles.

The TSM and SA profiles are so-called "male" spherical plain bearings. They consist of a head-shaped body in which a rod ends and a male threaded rod are integrated. The TSF, SI and PHS profiles are "female" spherical plain bearings. Like the "male" type spherical plain bearings, they consist of a head-shaped body with the ball joint inserted. The thread of these is located in the inner part of the stem. The thread can be either right or left depending on the requirements. These different profiles are usually made of steel/steel, steel/bronze or steel/PTFE. They can also be available in stainless steel.

The SQ and SQL profiles are angled end pins. These rod ends are recognizable by their "L" shape and their dust seal. This series of rod ends is mainly used on applications requiring self-alignment (e.g.: steering, axles)

The SQZ profile is a straight ball rod. It has the same characteristics as the angled end shafts but its shape is different since it is straight.

The DIN  profile is an angular rod ends. This type of rod ends has the same characteristics as the angular rod ends. This joint is used to connect perpendicular parts and to transmit alternating forces.

The TPN, TAC and TAPR profiles are rod ends for hydraulic components.

How to choose a mechanical rod ends?

In order to select the ideal rod ends, it is necessary to identify the type of load that will be applied to the rod ends. This will help you determine the right type of rod ends for your needs.

You should also consider the size of the rod ends. Indeed, the dimensions you will need are the inner diameter, the outer diameter and the thickness. On this type of product, you can distinguish two thicknesses which are the thickness of the outer cage and the total thickness (with the eye of the rod ends).

For rod ends, the thread diameter, orientation (right or left) and pitch size will be essential. These products are generally available with or without maintenance. Indeed, they can be proposed with a grease nipple or without it (those with grease nipple require maintenance).

Finally, it is important to choose the material of the rod ends. 

In order to have a complete vision of the products with your different search criteria, we advise you to refer to the technical sheets of the products.

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