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What is a double toothed belt?

Double timing belts are used in a wide variety of applications, particularly in the industrial and agricultural sectors. These belts are designed for smooth, reliable power transmission at high speeds. These belts have teeth on both surfaces, giving them better grip on pulleys. They are generally made of rubber, but can also be made of polyurethane. This type of belt provides effective grip and optimum power transmission.

Where and when are they used?

They are generally used in transmissions whose axes rotate in opposite directions. You'll find them regularly in power equipment such as lawnmowers, tillers and chain saws.

What are the advantages of double timing belts?

Double timing belts offer several advantages over other types of drive. They distribute power evenly and reduce vibrations, thanks to their double toothing, for smoother operation. They have a long service life and require little maintenance. What's more, their uniformity also makes them more efficient at transferring torque from one motor or pulley to another.

What are the different types of double timing belts?

Double timing belts come in a wide variety of pitches and lengths.

Here are a few examples of double timing belts:

  • DT2.5 double timing belts with a 2.5 mm pitch.
  • D3M double timing belts with a 3 mm pitch.
  • D5M and DT5 double timing belts with 5 mm pitch.
  • D8M double timing belts with 8 mm pitch.
  • DT10 double timing belts with 10 mm pitch.
  • D14M double timing belts with a 14 mm pitch.

How to choose a double toothed belt?

It's important to choose the right double-tooth belt for your application to ensure optimum performance. To do this, you need to take into account factors such as reference and/or dimensions. For dimensions, you'll need to take into account the pitch between two teeth, as well as the length, width and number of teeth. To take the pitch and width of the belt, we recommend you use a caliper to be as precise as possible. For length, you can use a MESSLAT or a tape measure.

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