What is a Poly-V belt?

The Poly-V belt, also known as a ribbed belt, is a belt with V-shaped ribs along its length that fit perfectly into the V-grooves of the pulleys. It is designed to transfer power more efficiently than V-belts or flat belts, with less slippage. In fact, they offer excellent grip and uniform load distribution. Poly-V belts offer outstanding performance, reduced drive costs and improved durability compared to other drives. Its superior flexibility also allows for greater installation flexibility and access to tight spaces. Poly-V belts are used in a wide range of fields, including automotive, industrial, agricultural, printing and household appliances.

What are the different types of Poly-V belts?

There are three main types of Poly-V belt:

  • PJ /J belts with a 2.34 mm pitch.
  • PK/K belts with a 3.56 mm pitch.
  • PL/L belts with a 4.70 mm pitch.

You can also have a PH/H belt with a 1.56 mm pitch, a TB2 belt with a 2 mm pitch or a PM/M belt with a 9.40 mm pitch.

How to choose a Poly-V belt

When selecting a Poly-V belt for your system, you have two options for finding your belt. The first is to refer to the part number on the original belt you wish to replace. The second is to take the dimensions. As far as dimensions are concerned, the first thing to consider is the belt pitch. The pitch of a Poly-V belt is the distance between the peaks of two ridges. Depending on the measured pitch, you can determine the type you need. Once you have this information, you need to count the number of ridges on the belt, as well as its inside length. Taking these possibilities into account, it's easy to identify the Poly-V belt best suited to your needs.

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