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NTN : Innovative leader in industrial bearings

Wondering what lies behind the acronym NTN and why this company is an undisputed leader in the field of industrial bearings? Our article takes you to the heart of NTN's expertise, from its revolutionary products to the fields of application that are shaping current and future industry. Without unnecessary jargon, we get straight to the point to reveal how NTN innovates and influences the bearings sector, essential for the operation of machines in multiple industries, and how it is committed to a sustainable future.

Key facts

  • NTN is a century-old leader in the production of ball bearings, with a rich history marked by constant investment in R&D and strategic acquisitions to broaden its international reach, notably with the acquisition of SNR Roulements in 2007.
  • NTN products play a crucial role in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, cement and wind power, where the company offers not only components but also specialized mechatronic solutions and technical support services.
  • Innovation remains at the heart of NTN's strategies, as it develops modular products for electric and autonomous vehicles, while committing to sustainability by designing lightweight, energy-efficient products and optimizing energy use across its own sites.

NTN's history and evolution

A century has passed since the founding of Nishizono Ironworks in Japan in March 1918, which would later metamorphose into the NTN Group, a titan in the world of ball bearings. From the outset, NTN has made a name for itself through its research and production of avant-garde ball bearings, launching the NTN brand in 1923, an acronym in honor of its founders. Since then, the company's path has been marked by constant investment in research and development, as well as the strategic acquisition of technologies and companies that have broadened its international reach.

NTN's history in Europe begins with :

  • The opening of NTN Wälzlager (Europa) GmbH in Germany in 1961.
  • The opening of NTN France S.A. in 1964
  • The acquisition of SNR Roulements in 2007, a major turning point that firmly established NTN Europe as one of the world's leading bearing manufacturers.

Celebrating its centenary in 2018, NTN highlighted its century of continuous innovation, reinforcing its position as a pioneer in the industrial bearings sector.

Application areas for NTN products

NTN products are ubiquitous and crucial in an impressive range of industries. From major advances in aeronautics to engine innovations in the automotive industry, from the robustness required in cement plants to the contribution to sustainable development made by wind power, NTN imbues these sectors with its expertise. Each field benefits from dedicated attention and specialized mechatronics solutions that push the boundaries of performance and reliability.


For over five decades, NTN has been a reliable partner to the giants of the aerospace industry, playing an active part in many major aircraft programs. SNR, the group's French flagship, is involved in revolutionary projects such as engines for new-generation single-aisle aircraft and cutting-edge helicopters, testifying to the excellence and precision demanded by the industry.

NTN's expertise in this field is not limited to supplying high-quality components; it is synonymous with working closely with manufacturers to meet the most complex technical challenges. It's the hallmark of a manufacturer that doesn't just meet expectations, but actively participates in writing aeronautical history.


In the automotive industry, NTN embodies progress by offering technologies that transform vehicle mechanics. Innovation can be seen in

  • lighter, more compact bearings
  • constant velocity joints that optimize torque efficiency
  • reducing weight and emissions for passenger cars and light trucks.

NTN's expertise in America, through the BCA Bearings division, illustrates more than a century of know-how in providing solutions for wheel ends, often surpassing the requirements of original specifications. This leadership in the field is testament to NTN's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the industry and its customers, in Europe and beyond.

Cement industry

The cement industry, known for its demanding production environments, finds in NTN a reliable ally offering bearings designed to reduce operating costs and ensure flawless profitability. With a wide range of bearings adapted to harsh conditions - dust, humidity and heat - NTN-SNR is present at every stage of the cement production process.

These specialized bearings are not only available for all production segments, but are also specifically designed for the most highly stressed machines, such as crushers and clinker kilns. NTN's commitment to finding robust, reliable solutions demonstrates its deep understanding of the challenges facing the cement industry, including the importance of bearings.

Wind power

In the field of wind energy, NTN makes a significant contribution through bearings that maximize the energy efficiency of turbines. The performance and reliability of NTN bearings are essential in often extreme operating conditions, requiring resistance to heavy loads and increased durability.

NTN's innovation comes in the form of bearings with self-lubrication capabilities, special coatings and optimized heat treatments for improved corrosion resistance and extended service life. With built-in intelligent features such as condition monitoring, NTN doesn't just supply components: it offers advanced, sustainable wind turbine solutions.

NTN-SNR bearing range

The NTN SNR bearings range reflects the company's expertise and innovation, covering deep groove ball bearings to cylindrical roller bearings to tapered roller bearings, each designed for specific industrial applications.

With a variety of configurations and sizes, NTN-SNR bearings can be adapted to a multitude of applications, from standard versions to customized options to meet the most specific needs, testifying to the manufacturer's flexibility and adaptability.

At 123Roulement you'll find the entire NTN SNR range :

Innovative mechatronic solutions

NTN pushes the boundaries of innovation with mechatronic solutions that transform industrial products into connected, secure and instrumented tools. These advances not only optimize performance, but also increase precision in their operation, thanks to revolutionary information transmission and improved manufacturing.

NTN's mechatronic systems are designed to:

  • analyze and predict failures, enhancing equipment reliability and predictive maintenance
  • draw inspiration from mechatronic success stories in the automotive industry
  • offer solutions adapted to the most demanding industrial needs.

Services and technical assistance

NTN stands out not only for the quality of its products, but also for its comprehensive technical assistance, maintenance and training services, designed to prevent problems before they occur. With specialized technical assistance, NTN accompanies its customers through studies, recommendations and support during maintenance operations, ensuring the preservation of the components surrounding the bearings.

NTN's commitment to training is demonstrated by the introduction of online training modules in Europe, aimed at automotive repair professionals, offering technical assistance and practical advice. SNR, an NTN brand, completes this range of services with a customized technical, repair and training offer, underlining NTN's commitment to adding value far beyond its products.

Research and innovation at NTN

NTN's research and innovation centers in France and Japan are hotbeds of technological progress, orchestrating the development of revolutionary solutions for key industries. NTN's objective is clear: to capture emerging trends and support major transitions, such as new mobility and renewable energies.

NTN is accelerating the development of modular products for electric and autonomous vehicles, integrating state-of-the-art electronic and mechatronic technologies, paving the way for the future of the automotive and other industrial sectors.

Social and environmental commitments

NTN is committed to social and environmental responsibility, designing lighter, more durable products to reduce their ecological footprint. Through the development of innovative SNR bearings, combining materials such as ceramics with optimized mechanics for reduced friction and increased rotation speed, NTN helps its customers reduce their energy consumption.

NTN's eco-responsible approach is certified by the ISO 50001 standard for all its sites in France, including its head office, validating its efforts to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. By adopting state-of-the-art energy performance software, NTN not only monitors energy consumption but also seeks to optimize its use and supply contracts, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.

Notable NTN collaborations

NTN stands out for its fruitful collaborations with industrial players and research laboratories, encouraging the sharing of knowledge and the development of innovative solutions. One of the most noteworthy collaborations was with Lazareth, technically supporting the creation of a flying motorcycle, an ambitious project to be presented in a world preview in January 2019.

This partnership illustrates NTN's ability to take on daring projects and push back the boundaries of traditional mechanics, testifying to its pioneering spirit and desire to bring innovations that make a mark on minds and the market.

News and new products

NTN is constantly revitalizing its product range, as demonstrated by the recent extension of the CVJ transmission seals range, with 400 new references added, bringing the total to 1275. These new additions ensure even greater coverage of the market for high-quality spare parts, meeting the diverse expectations of our customers.

The 'NTN Winter Pro Days' in Haute Savoie, a promotional event held in March 2024 by the brand, offered a unique opportunity for customers to benefit from discount offers from their product supplier, while helping to improve traffic on the site.

The update of the linear guidance catalog and the publication of a renewed user manual underline NTN's commitment to providing state-of-the-art support and keeping its customers at the cutting edge of technology in this key sector.

In a nutshell

Our journey into the world of NTN has shown us that the company never rests on its laurels. From its history rooted in innovation, to its futuristic collaborations, to its commitment to a sustainable future, NTN embodies the vision of a resolutely forward-looking company that understands and anticipates the needs of its customers and society.

NTN-SNR bearings, mechatronic solutions, comprehensive services and a pro-environmental approach are just a few facets of a company that, for over a century, has continued to push the boundaries of technology to offer products and services that set the standards for quality and efficiency in the industrial sector.